Aaron McLellan
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer & Corrective Movement Specialist

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Online Personal Coaching Consultation: Fitness

1: $00.00

Let's chat to discuss your goals and potential new lifestyle.

Whether to shed some weight or get in shape, Ronin Fit is right for you.

Aimed at developing functional and practical fitness levels at the beginner, intermediate and advanced stages of ones' training. 

If you feel i'm the right fit (no pun intended) for your personal fitness or weight loss needs, lets set up an online training program and work towards your goals together. 

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Online Personal Coaching Consultation: Corrective Movement

1: $0.00

Joining Ronin Fit because you've got an injury, or discomfort while performing your everyday tasks?

I'll work with you at your own pace while pushing you slightly outside your comfort zone by suggesting exercises, movements and workouts which are aimed at relieving your discomfort and minimizing pain over time. 

Corrective movement training is specially designed to find weaknesses within one's body and work to correct them through movement & exercise. 

If you find our consultation to be useful, lets work towards setting up an online program to allow me to assist with your needs.

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Introduction to Physical Fitness: 4-Week Program

A 4-week beginner personal training program, completely online, personally tailored to suit your lifestyle and goals. 

Essentially, an introductory level fitness program aimed at easing you into the lifestyle of personal physical fitness.

We will work together to ensure that you feel motivated to exercise and get yourself moving through this 4-week period by performing short, meaningful workouts consisting of exercises and movements which are intended to develop your posture & cardio, strength & conditioning and also assisting with essential nutritional advice & suggestions along the way.

Intended as a 'gateway' program which will set you up for a more intermediate physical fitness routine after the 4-week period by ensuring you're comfortable with the atmosphere of your workout location, have confidence that your movements are being performed correctly and that you can maintain motivation to continue working out. 

And don't worry, i'm only a text away if there are any questions, lack of motivation, if assistance is required regarding form or technique for a movement or exercise, etc. 

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12-Week Workout Program: Beginner - Intermediate

Do you already have experience with being fit, working and basic diet essentials? 

Are you looking to get back into the swing of things and begin working out again, whether to get in shape, add some size to your muscular frame, cut weight, or enjoy the holistic feel of being a fitness junkie?

Our 12-week beginner-intermediate workout program will get you back into the swing of things. 

Easing your way into the gym again with basic workouts including stretches, warm-ups & cool-downs to prevent injuries before, during and after your workouts, leading into more intense workout sessions as we move through the program getting closer to the end. 

Noone is harder on us than we are, and I plan to motivate you each step of the way to reaching your goals. 

The hardest step is the beginning. Get out there, get moving and feel better about your habits. I'll be right there alongside you each step of the way. 

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