Aaron McLellan
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer & Corrective Movement Specialist

A Little About Who I Am & Why I'm Here

My name is Aaron. 

I'm a 32 year old full-time Train Conductor & whenever-I-can-be Martial Arts Instructor with a passion for bettering my life as well as assisting others with doing the same. 

I grew up with a bone disease called "osteogenesis-imperfecta" as well as some other stuff (Leukemia). And as a result, i've broken alot of bones, and spent much of my early life in hospitals. I've been lucky to receive world class treatments and care from the Montreal Shriners Hospital, and in return, i've been able to lead a somewhat normal life. Although, not without its' difficulties.

I live with permanent functional restraints such as a dislocated proximal radial head in the right arm, as well as various tendon issues, which prevent me from keeping up with the lifestyle I wish to lead. However, there's always something I can do.

It's this mentality that I wish to pass along to others, that if I can work through weaknesses and physical setbacks, so can you!!

I've recently received my Personal Trainer Certification as well as my Certified Corrective Movement Specialist Certification, and I wish to use this to assist those who wish, in any way I can. 

I'm currently being educated in the field of Nutrition, and soon i'll be able to offer nutrition advice to others as well, and so look out for that. 

If you'd like to chat, set up some kind of fitness plan, do some corrective movement training, or the like, reach out. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!