Aaron McLellan
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer & Corrective Movement Specialist

Welcome To Ronin Fit!

Our coach Aaron is a certified personal trainer and certified corrective movement specialist, and he is looking forward to working with you through his online training courses. 

If getting in shape - or in better shape, or losing weight, or finding ways to reduce stress or pain while performing daily tasks is your goal, Aaron will work with you through his online courses, or through personalized courses to suit your lifestyle and can connect with you personally throughout the process.

Aaron knows about physical limitations from being a sick child surviving cancer and a bone disease, and now lives with certain physical limitations. And so he can empathize and be patient with you while you work to figure out how to push through your road blocks, turning obstacles into opportunities! 

Join Ronin Fit for a personal lifestyle coach within the scope of fitness & corrective exercise.